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    2021 Academic Achievement Awards

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    The George I. Alden Excellence in Teaching Award

    This award publicly acknowledges Worcester State University professors who have made a difference in students’ lives through their teaching excellence.

    Each year, Worcester State University asks students, alumni, and faculty to nominate full-time faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching.

    From those nominations, a committee composed of students, alumni, and faculty choose one full-time faculty member from each school to be honored with this award.

    Dr. Mary Fowler

    Dr. Mary Fowler
    Dr. Mary Fowler
    Professor of Mathematics, School of Science, Technology, and Health

    Dr. Mary Fowler is a professor of Mathematics at Worcester State. She completed both her Ph.D. and M.A. in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University and her B.A. in Mathematics and Economics, with a minor in Physics, at New York University. Dr. Fowler began teaching at Worcester State in 2004 as an assistant professor, and has been teaching as a full professor since 2014. She also holds roles as an applied statistician, yoga teacher and mindfulness coach.

    Dr. Fowler’s goal as an educator is to support and engage students as they cultivate and build on their abilities. She recognizes that learning is a challenging activity that requires openness, to support a student’s transition from unfamiliarity to mastery. In her different positions as an instructor, Dr. Fowler takes steps to present students with material, promote experiential learning and motivate student progress. Dr. Fowler is passionate about data driven decision processes to determine effective teaching techniques. This passion influenced much of her work as the Mathematics Department Assessment Committee Chair for ten years, and as a researcher. Dr. Fowler serves an expert witness in racial profiling court cases and her students have contributed to statistical analyses for more than ten cases.

    Dr. Fowler was also the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010. She is an evaluator for the GEAR-UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) state grant to the commonwealth of Massachusetts to increase college opportunities to low income high school students. She works as a math program instructor under the Improving Teacher Quality State Grant to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Dr. Kathryn Frazier

    Dr. Kathryn Frazier
    Dr. Kathryn Frazier
    Assistant Professor of Psychology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Dr. Kathryn Frazier is an assistant professor of Psychology at Worcester State. She completed both her Ph.D. and M.A. in Developmental Psychology at Clark University, and her B.A. as a double major in Psychology & Gender and Women’s studies at Scripps College. Prior to arriving at Worcester State in 2016, Dr. Frazier spent time as both a visiting scholar in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, and as a lecturer for the Department of Psychology, at Northeastern University.

    Dr. Frazier strives to create a classroom where knowledge is produced through dialogue, and where learning is made personal. She makes it a priority of her teaching to center the diverse lives and experiences of her students, and to create a classroom environment where students feel supported to take risks, make mistakes and achieve meaningful, transformative learning. Through her classes, such as Psychology of Women and Developmental Psychology, Dr. Frazier aims to support students to take an active role in their own education to form a foundation for lifelong learning, and facilitate and encourage student inquiry in class and as members of society.

    Dr. Frazier has been involved in department and university service every year since her arrival to Worcester State. Her most recent roles include the Psychology Graduate School & Career Preparation committee chair, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies advisory board member and NECHE Self-Study committee member. She is also passionate about mentoring undergraduate students and guiding their independent theses and research. She has supported multiple students in winning grants to support their research projects and (pre-COVID) traveled with students to present their work at national conferences. Dr. Frazier is the recipient of several teaching grants as a result of her efforts, including the Teaching & Learning Innovation Grants in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.