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Probation Student Pre-Registration

Students are placed on various levels of probation if their cumulative GPA falls below good standing. 

The levels of probation and limitations are:

Students are limited to 5 courses (no more than 16 credits)

Probation 1 and 2: Students are limited to 4 courses (no more than 13 credits)
Dismissal: Students are prohibited from taking any courses at WSU for 12 months

Best advice:
REPEAT failed and low grades
Repeating a course that was failed will increase a student’s GPA much quicker than taking a new class.  Once a course is repeated and passed, the lower grade no longer calculates in the cumulative GPA (although it does stay on the transcript).

  • Students who are on probation have a different registration process. 
  • Students on probation cannot register online.
  • Students on probation must have a probation contract (NOT a Registration Form) completed and signed by their advisor.  Without this, registration will not take place.

Signed probation contracts must be brought to the Academic Success Center (A-130) with a photo ID.

Probation students who have met with their advisor and have built a plan to get back on track academically must bring their completed probation contract to the Academic Success Center as soon as it is completed. 

Probation students who choose to repeat classes to increase their GPA will be registered when their form is received. 

Probation students who choose not to repeat classes will be registered during their designated time. 

Click here for a Probation Contract.

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