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Quick Tips for Pre-Registration

  • Meet with your advisor early!  The earlier you meet with your advisor the better.  Your advisor is the best resource for information regarding pre-registration.  Make sure you have a plan mapped out that you can go over.  An early meeting helps guarantee that your account will be unlocked as early as possible on the day of General Registration. 
  • Take care of your holds!  If you have a hold on your account make sure you get it taken care of before Registration starts.  The most common holds are Non-Payment, Health Forms, and Parking Tickets.  You cannot register until your holds have been taken care of.
  • Make sure you make a list of several alternate courses.  Seats fill quickly and it is easier to run down a list and register rather than having to take time looking for a new course that interests you.
  • Check with your peers and other available resources about specific professors to learn about their teaching styles and course requirements.  Having this knowledge may help you decide which classes are the best for you.
  • Make sure to take a Math class within a year of your Accuplacer exam.  If you miss this date, you will have to retest and pay the $20 fee.  If you want to attempt to get a better score, you can retake the test for $20 every four months.
  • Learn the tricks of Webadvisor.  There is a way to save your courses, once registration opens, so when you log on, you don’t have to repeat the entire process every time you log on.
  • Wait to log into Webadvisor until your assigned time during Registration.  It can, and has, locked students out, causing them to lose a spot in their preferred course.
  • Pace yourself!  If you have fallen behind by a class do not try to make up for it by taking 6 the next semester.  Take 5 courses, and then increase to 6.  That way you will not be overwhelmed and possibly fall further behind.
  • If you cannot decide between two courses, sign up for both.  Use the add/drop period to your advantage for the next semester.  If 6 courses seem too much, just drop one within the first 2 weeks of the spring semester.
  • Add BEFORE you Drop!  If you are making adjustments to your schedule, make sure that you always stay above the full time credit minimum (12).  If you fall below, you may risk the chance of losing housing, health insurance, parking, or athletic eligibility. 
  • Continue to watch WebAdvisor until November 22, 2011.  Other students may be adjusting their schedules, which could open a space in a course that you wanted and was previously filled. Remember Add BEFORE you Drop.
  • Pay attention to opportunities to earn extra credits if you need them and can't handle adding on additional scheduled classes. Don't delete the Student Newsletter! There are always different departments offering ways for students to earn credits, and a lot of them offer more than one credit. Plus some opportunities aren't for the whole semester; some are one week or one month commitments.
  • If you don’t like your schedule, don’t drop your courses all at once. Add one, then drop one and repeat this process as many times as necessary.
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