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Computer Science Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes for the Major in Computer Science

• Students will be able to analyze a problem, develop multiple solutions and evaluate the solutions based on the requirements.

• Given a design, students will be able to implement the design, test and document the implementation.

• Students will be able to analyze and design computer hardware components and system architectures, and implement programs in an assembly language.

• Students will be able to communicate effectively both in written and oral form.

• Students will be able to understand professional and ethical considerations and apply ethical reasoning to technological solutions to problems.

• Students will be able work effectively in a team environment.

It is highly recommended that entering students have four years of high school mathematics including the equivalent of pre-calculus.

Students wishing to apply courses transferred from other institutions to the Computer Science major should meet with the department chair to determine the applicability of the courses before registering for any Computer Science courses at Worcester State University.

Non-traditional students with more than 5 years of Computer Science work experience may be eligible to participate in the Next Step Program. The program offers an opportunity to gain credit in the major for writing a prior learning portfolio. The department chair can assist you in determining if the program will serve your educational goals.

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