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Chemistry Honors Program

The Chemistry Honors Program is an upper-level program designed to challenge students majoring in chemistry to excel in their course work, to encourage them to extend their program beyond the basic requirements of the major, and to reward and recognize them for so doing. Students are required to have a 3.5 GPA in chemistry and ancillary courses and a 3.2 GPA overall.

Students would need to complete the following courses in chemistry:

CH 120 & CH 121          General Chemistry I and II
CH 201 & CH 202          Organic Chemistry I and II (Lectures)
CH 203 & CH 204          Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and II
CH 210                         Chemical Analysis: An Introduction to Modern
CH 301 & CH 302          Physical Chemistry I and II (Lectures)
CH 303                         Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
CH 475                         Chemistry Seminar

The following two courses must be taken as part of the required 12 credits of 300 and 400-level electives:

CH 340                         Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CH 410                         Biochemistry I

Students would need to complete at least 6 semester hours of research under CH 490 (Independent Study) leading to the writing of a thesis.

In addition, students would be expected to complete the ancillary requirements for the chemistry major in calculus and physics.

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