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Major in Biology


Requirements for a Major in Biology

Required Biology courses: 38 credits
BI 140               Introduction to Organismal Biology
BI 141               Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
BI 200               Human Biology
BI 202               Principles of Ecology
BI 203               Genetics
BI 204               Microbiology
BI 404               Biology Seminar
3 Upper Division Electives

Ancillary Requirements: 28-34 credits
MA 110 & MA 150         College Algebra and Statistics or
MA 200 & MA 201         Calculus I and II
PY 221 & PY 222          General Physics I and II or
PY 241 & PY 242          Physics I and II
CH 120 & CH 121          General Chemistry I and II
CH 201 & CH 202          Organic Chemistry I and II

Upper division Biology electives
Cellular/Molecular Biology     Organismal Biology
BI 324 Endocrinology                BI 304 Comparative Vertebrate 
BI 371 Molecular Biology           BI 306 Developmental Biology
BI 372 Immunology                   BI 313 Histology
BI 375 Virology                         BI 315 Neurosciences
BI 410 Biochemistry                  BI 321 Comparative Physiology
BT 375 Tissue Culture               BI 340 Plant Sciences
BT 376 Biotechnology               BI 341 Mycology
BT 378 Bioinformatics               BI 342 Plant Physiology
                                               BI 360 Animal Behavior

Population and Environmental Biology
BI 301               Invertebrate Zoology
BI 302               Entomology
BI 303               Parasitology
BI 331               Marine Biology
BI 333               Vertebrate Natural History Ectotherms
BI 334               Wildlife Investigational Techniques
BI 344               Soil Biology
BI 352               Symbiosis and Evolution
BI 380               Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

(Note: Pre-med and Graduate school candidates should also take CH 203 & CH 204 Organic Chemistry laboratory in addition to CH 201 and CH 202)

A minimum of three upper division laboratory courses (BI 300- or BI 400-level) are to be selected from three categories of Biology electives. No more than two courses can be taken from any single group. The courses should be selected with the advice and consent of the faculty advisor. A grade point average of 2.0 must be maintained in biology courses and in the ancillary science and mathematics courses. Students considering graduate and professional work should take, as a recommended minimum, courses in general physics, calculus, introduction to computer science and statistics.

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