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Major in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Requirements for a Major: 45 credits
CD 100             Introduction to Human Communication and its Disorders
CD 103             Language Science
CD 110             Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
CD 115             Normal Development of Speech and Language
CD 201             Hearing Science
CD 202             Speech Science
CD 205             Phonetics
CD 301             Directed Observations
CD 305             Introduction to Audiology
CD 310             Language Disorders
CD 320             Speech Disorders
CD 400             Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation
CD 401             Advanced Directed Observations
CD 410             Professional Guidelines and Skills
CD 430             Neuroscience for Communication Sciences and
CD 475             Selected Topics in Communication Sciences and

The minimum grade students may be allowed to obtain in any prerequisite course before being allowed to take the subsequent courses in the CSD major is a C. In addition, the maximum number of times students may take a course in the CSD major is twice (i.e., one repetition).

Students will be screened for adequate speech and language patterns and recommendations made for therapy when appropriate.

Out of department requirements include: one biological science, one physical science, one math (college algebra or higher level), one statistics, and two social sciences of which one must be in child development. These requirements cannot be taken pass/fail. Communication Sciences and Disorders advisors will help students choose appropriate courses in these areas.

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