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Major in Computer Science



Required Courses:
30 Credits
CS 101             Basics of Computer Science
CS 140             Introduction to Programming
CS 242             Data Structures
CS 253             Digital Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CS 282             UNIX Systems Programming
CS 352             Digital Computer Architecture
CS 373             Operating Systems
CS 375             Software Design & Analysis
CS 401             Object Oriented Software Development

Elective Courses: 12 Credits in Computer Science courses at the 300 level or above. Up to 3 credits of internship (CS 498) and up to 3 credits of Independent Study (CS 499) may be used to satisfy the major elective requirements.

Ancillary Requirements: (39 credits) (may apply to LASC requirements). These ancillary courses cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis.

CM 110                         Public Speaking
EN 252                         Technical Writing
UR 230                         Technology, Public Policy & Urban Society
MA 200                         Calculus I
MA 220 & MA 290         Discrete Mathematics I and II
A math course above MA 200
2 lab science courses
2 approved* math or science courses

*Approved math and science courses must be chosen from department-approved list of courses.

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