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Major in English and Concentration in Writing

15 credits in writing courses (exclusive of EN 101 and EN 102) in addition to the 15 credits in Shakespeare (EN 360); surveys (EN 210 or EN 211; EN 220 and EN 221), and EN 255 required of all majors. The remaining 6 credits must be literature electives at the 300-level or above.
The 15 credits in writing will be selected from the following:

EN 250             Creative Thinking and Critical Writing
EN 251             Advanced Expository Writing
EN 252             Technical Writing
EN 253             Business Communications
EN 256             Creative Writing: Fiction
EN 258             Creative Writing: Nonfiction
EN 260             Creative Writing: Poetry I
EN 262             Creative Writing: Poetry II
EN 266             Journalism: Practice and Techniques
EN 267             Journalism: Advanced Newswriting
EN 268             Journalism: Feature Writing
EN 269             Journalism: Interpretive Reporting
EN 270             Journalism: Editing
EN 271             Journalism: Workshop
EN 272             News Reporting and Writing I
EN 275             Sportswriting
EN 281             Web Authoring and Publication
EN 351             News Reporting and Writing II
EN 352             Practicum in Journalism
EN 353             Narrative Journalism
EN 354             Opinion Writing
EN 411             Theory and Teaching of Writing
EN 415             Technology and the Teaching of Writing
CM 366             Scriptwriting

A 3-6 credit internship in writing, whether in English (EN410 or EN 475) or other languages (FR 475 or SP 475)

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