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Major in Natural Science with a Concentration
in Earth Science Education (Middle/Secondary)

54 credits

Mathematics (12 credits)
MA 130             Number and Operations for Teachers
MA-131             Patterns, Functions and Algebra for Teachers
MA-132             Geometry, Measurement, Probability and Statistics for
MA 190             Precalculus or any MA course at 200 level or above
                        Earth Science (17 credits)
GS 101             Physical Geography
GS 110             Meteorology
GS 140             Physical Geology
GS 216             Geographic Information Systems I
GS 225             Oceanography

Physics (11 credits)
PY 101              Introduction to Astronomy
PY 221 & 222    General Physics I and II
or PY 241 & 242 Physics I and II

Biology (4 credits)
BI 140               Introduction to Organismal Biology

Chemistry (4 credits)
CH 110             Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry I
(May substitute CH 120 & 121 General Chemistry I and II)

Additional Required Course (3 credits)
NS 201             Science and Society

Required for All Natural Science Majors (3 credits)
NS 400             Natural Science Seminar

Optional Recommended Courses (17 credits)
BI 202               Principles of Ecology
GS 220             Earth History
GS 235             Contemporary Climate Change
GS 245             Planetary Geology
GS 250             Hydrology

Additional Optional Courses (8 credits)
BI 141               Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
CH 111             Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry II

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