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Major in Natural Science, pre-MBA Concentration 

60 credits

(For Track I students the 6 credit Quantitative Reasoning and 6 credit Natural Systems and Processes General Education (LASC) requirements are fulfilled, so the effective number of required credits is 45.

For Track II students the 12 credit Natural Science and Mathematics Distribution Requirement is fulfilled so the number of required credits is 45.) (See Academic Policies and Procedures– General Education Requirements for more information).

Economics and Business Administration (18 credits):
EC 110             Introduction to Microeconomics 3
EC 120             Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
BA 200             Principles of Management and Organizational
                        Behavior 3
BA 210             Fundamentals of Accounting I 3
BA 220             Fundamentals of Accounting II 3
BA 316             Financial Management or BA 318: Principles of
                        Marketing 3

Mathematics (7 credits):
MA 150             Statistics I or MA 302 Probability and Statistics 3
MA 200             Calculus I or MA 202 Business Calculus 4

Core science courses (see major requirements) (23-24 credits):
Three one-year sequences chosen from three of the following four disciplines:
BI 140 and BI 141 8
CH 120 and CH 121 8
GS 101 and GS 140 7
PY 221 and PY 222 or PY 241 and PY 242 8

3 additional science electives at the 200 level or above 9

NS 400: Natural Science Seminar 3

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