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Major in Psychology with a Consortium
Certificate in Gerontology


Requirements for a Major in Psychology Consortium Certificate in Gerontology:

Students are eligible to earn a certificate in gerontology from the Worcester Consortium for Higher Education while also completing requirements for the Psychology major. Students can obtain a copy of the recommended course of study in Room S241.

Recomended Course of Study
Required Psychology Courses:

PS 101                         General Psychology

PS 205                         Research Methods

PS 275                         Psychological Statistics

PS 307                         Applied Research Methods

Recommended Courses for the Areas of Psychology Requirements:


*PS 220            Psychology of Aging

Biopsychosocial Processes:

PS 485                         Psychobiology of Mental Disorders

Personality and Abnormal Psychology:

PS 335                         Abnormal Psychology

Social Psychology:

PS 250                         Social Psychology


*PS 400            Internship in Psychology

internship in a psychology-oriented gerontological setting for 2 semesters

PS 222                         Introduction to Health Psychology
*PS 315            Physical and Sexual Abuse

*fulfills Gerontology Consortium Requirements

Required Courses for the Gerontology Certificate:

Sociology of Aging

Aging in Society (which can be taken at  Assumption University, Clark University or Holy Cross)


UR 202             Aging in a Metropolitan Society or

UR 216             Women and Aging in the

Urban Environment (at Worcester State University — can fulfill core distribution credits for Social Sciences)

Aging and Health
(offered at UMass Medical School)

Policy and Aging at Holy Cross

UR 352             Policy Planning for an Aging Society

(either can fulfill core distribution credits for Social Sciences.)
_______                                                      Total 46 credits


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