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Major in Psychology with a Concentration
in Developmental Processes

Requirements: 37 to 43 credits.

This concentration provides background for students planning careers related to developmental disabilities, special education, child and adolescent services, or hospital and nursing home programs for the disabled or aging. Developmental Process is especially recommended for students in education.

The four core and four specified area psychology courses are required plus:

PS 210             Developmental Psychology
PS 312             Psychology of Adolescence
                        or PS 322 Psychology of Aging
PS 325             Psychology of Learning
                        or PS 345 Cognitive Psychology
PS 380             Physiological Psychology
PS 410             Seminar in Developmental Processes

and three electives selected from the following:

PS 310             Development of Exceptional Children and Youth
PS 318             Behavior Management
PS 320             Development of Thinking and Knowing
PS 355             Social and Personality Development
PS 400             Internship in Psychology

PS 400 Internship in Psychology is recommended for any student who has not had an appropriate fieldwork experience.

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