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BSOS/Master of Occupational Therapy
Program of Study Transfer Students

Students may transfer into the Program from within WSU or from another institution. Internal transfer students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75, earn C or better in all prerequisite courses, and demonstrate a strong interest in occupational therapy. External transfers are considered for admission based on overall grade point average, and earned grades in the prerequisite courses Anatomy and Physiology I and II and General Psychology I. Internal applications must be submitted to the Occupational Therapy Department by February 1, 2011. External transfers apply through the Admissions Office.

Program Requirements:

1)         All OT prerequisites and major courses must be completed with a C or better.

2)         Courses must be taken in prescribed sequence or with Department Chair's approval.

3)         All coursework must be completed prior to beginning Level II Fieldwork.

4)         Eligibility for the national certification examination requires successful completion of six months of Level II Fieldwork (OT 920 and 921).

Note: The Second Level II Fieldwork must be completed within 12
          months of the academic preparation.

Requirements for the Major

These courses are required for the major:

OT Prerequisite Courses

BI 161               Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)

BI 162               Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)

BI 271               Kinesiology (3 credits)

BI 315               Neuroscience (4 credits)

PS 101             General Psychology I (3 credits)

PS 210             Child Growth and Development (3 credits)

PS 220             Psych of Aging (3 credits)

MA 150             Statistics I or PS 275 Psychological Statistics (3 credits)

Major Courses for the BSOS (49 credits)

OT 101              Introduction to Occupational Studies of Wellness/Disability (3 credits)

OT 102              Occupational Studies of Wellness/Disability Groups
(3 credits)

OT 203              Occupational Therapy Theories (3 credits)

OT 211              Kinesiology Lab (1 credit)

OT 301              Psychosocial Wellness/Disability (2 credits)

OT 302              Psychosocial Therapeutic Approaches (2 credits)

OT 304              Psychosocial Therapeutic Approaches Lab (2 credits)

OT 312              Physiological Wellness/Disability (2 credits)

OT 313              Physiological Therapeutic Approaches (2 credits)

OT 317              Research I (3 credits)

OT 318              Physiological Therapeutic Approaches Lab (2 credits)

OT 401              Occupational Performance & Context for Elders
(2 credits)

OT 402              Therapeutic Approaches for Elders (2 credits)

OT 403              Therapeutic Approaches Lab for Elders (2 credits)

OT 404              Assistive Technology I (3 credits)

OT 407              Research II (3 credits)

OT 421              Occupational Performance & Context for Children/Adolescents (2 credits)

OT 423              Therapeutic Approaches Lab for Children/Adolescents
(2 credits)

OT 424              Assistive Technology II (3 credits)

OT 426              Organizational and Professional Issues I (3 credits)

OT 427              Therapeutic Approaches for Children/Adolescents
(2 credits)

OT Major Courses for the MOT (33 credits)

OT 903              Clinical Reasoning I (3 credits)

OT 905              Clinical Reasoning II (3 credits)

OT 906              Global Health Issues (3 credits)

OT 908              Community Health (3 credits)

OT 928              Thesis Seminar I (3 credits)

OT 929              Thesis Seminar II (3 credits)

OT 930              Thesis Seminar III (3 credits)

OT 931              Organizational and Professional Issues II (3 credits)

OT 920              Physical Disabilities Fieldwork II (3 credits)

OT 921              Psychosocial Fieldwork II (3 credits)

OT 933              Assessment and Evaluation Across the Lifespan
(3 credits)

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