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A program is an approved academic course of study whether it be a major, minor or concentration.


Major: Upon or after admission to Worcester State University, and in any case prior to the beginning of the junior year, degree seeking students declare an intent to major in a specific discipline or an approved interdisciplinary area. In general, a major is completed by earning between 30 and 48 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Students may take additional electives in their major if desired. Courses are selected under the direction, and with the approval of the student’s faculty advisor in the major.

Declaration: A department and/or an appropriate interdisciplinary committee administering an interdisciplinary major may establish standards for admission of enrolled students into their major and minor programs. The standards are not based solely on any GPA. They may be based on grades earned in prerequisite courses, demonstration of special knowledge and skills through test, portfolios, interviews, and other relevant criteria. Departments and interdisciplinary major administering committees must have standards approved by the All College Committee. A minimum GPA at variance with Worcester State University's policy may not be used as a standard for retention as a major or minor student within a department and an interdisciplinary program. Transfer credits must be approved by the major department or the corresponding program administering committee.

Minor: Although not required for graduation, a minor may be completed by earning between 18 and 24 credits in a discipline other than the student’s major discipline and/or in an interdisciplinary program.

Changing Major or Minor: A student wishing to change a major or minor field of study completes the Declaration/Change of Major/Minor Form at the Office of the Registrar. A request for a change in major or minor must be made in the Fall by mid-October and in the Spring by mid-March. Forms for the declaration or change of a major/minor are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Note: A student wishing to declare/change into Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing, or OT must obtain approval from the Chair of the department.


A concentration is a specialized track within a major or an approved interdisciplinary track study. The number of credits and courses of study required to earn a concentration within a major is determined by the major department or the program administering committee.

An interdisciplinary concentration may be completed by earning between 12 and 17 credits in a specified course of study as determined by the program administering committee.


A certificate is a course of study leading to a professional credential or certification. The number of credits or courses required is determined by the program offering the certificate.

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