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Registration and Course Information

Pre-registration for returning students is scheduled in the fall and spring of each academic year for advance course selection. The order of registration proceeds from seniors to first-year students. Class determination is made at the completion of the Fall semester and at the end of summer sessions. A student’s registration is not considered official until all financial obligations are met.

Course Numbering: The 100-level offerings are introductory or survey courses that generally do not require prerequisites. The 200-level courses are intermediate and may require prerequisite courses. The 300-level courses are advanced and require prerequisite courses. The 400-level courses are generally for seniors and include seminars, independent study, and internships. Courses at the 900 level are open only to post-baccalaureate students.

Prerequisites represent an essential body of knowledge and skills necessary for students to succeed at an acceptable level in a course and/or are required to satisfy licensing and certification standards. Specific prerequisites are required for many courses and in certain professional studies leading to licensing and certification. Prerequisites may be waived by the instructor or department chair of the department offering the course.

Corequisites are courses which support the successful completion of certain other courses when taken concurrently. When a corequisite is listed for a course, the students are advised to register for both at the same time. In some cases, prerequisite/corequisite courses may fulfill distribution requirements.

Course Credit is counted in units called semester hours. The number of semester hours carried by a particular course is indicated in the course description. Twelve to 19 semester hours of credit per semester are considered a full-time schedule of study.

Course Overload: Special permission is required for students to register for more than 19 semester hours of credit. Forms are available at the Office of the Registrar and advisor/department and Dean's approval are required.

Course Repeat: Students in academic difficulty who wish to repeat a course must file a course repeat form with the Registrar. Only the higher of the two grades is computed in the cumulative GPA. Students will not receive credit for a course more than one time except for PE100 and MU102, 220, 225 and TH321 and may include departmental special topics courses. Both the old and new grade appear on the transcript. Course repeats must be taken at Worcester State University.

Adding or Dropping a Course: Students may add/drop courses in accordance with the deadline published in the academic calendar. It is the student’s responsibility to return the completed form(s) to the Registrar’s Office. After the deadline, students wishing to drop a course must follow the procedure for withdrawal.

Withdrawal From Courses: W. A student may withdraw from a course at any point up to one week after failure warnings have been issued. Choosing to withdraw is a serious matter which may affect a student’s class standing, full-time status, financial aid, etc. A student considering such a step should seek advice from the instructor or the faculty advisor. To withdraw from a course, a student must obtain a Course Withdrawal Form from the Registrar’s Office and follow the prescribed steps. Mere non-attendance at class does not constitute official withdrawal and may result in a failing grade.

In cases of academic dishonesty, the W grade may be reversed.

All “W” grades are permanently recorded on the student’s transcript. A student who withdraws from all courses will be considered withdrawn from Worcester State University, and must file a formal intent to withdraw with the Academic Success Center.

Students who receive any form of financial aid or veterans educational benefits should consult with the respective office PRIOR to dropping or withdrawing from a course. Reducing hour credit load may adversely affect eligibility to receive financial aid or veterans educational benefits. In addition, most private insurance companies require that students be full-time (12 credits or more) to be eligible for coverage.

Quality of achievement is represented by the following letter grades with associated points per semester hour of credit.

A 4.0 - points per semester hour credit
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D- 0.7
E 0.0 - no credit, included in calculation of GPA

I a temporary grade, not computed in the GPA
P pass/fail option; credit, not computed in the GPA
F pass/fail option; no credit, not computed in the GPA
W withdrawn; no credit, not computed in the GPA
AU Audit

Grade Point Average (GPA): At the end of each semester (and/or summer session), a semester GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of credits attempted (excluding grades of I, P, F, W) into the sum of the products of points and credits for all courses taken.

A Cumulative Grade Point Average reflecting the entire history of a student’s achievement at Worcester State University is also computed. The Cumulative GPA is a major factor in determining class membership, academic standing, and eligibility for academic honors. Only grades earned at Worcester State University or through the Consortium Program are computed in the cumulative GPA.

Audit Procedure Policy: Students electing to audit may attend classes but will not earn grades or be permitted to submit assignments or take examinations. No academic credit is awarded, but the student receives the benefits of course lectures and discussions. Consent of the instructor is required to enroll in a class as an auditor.

Only students who are not matriculated undergraduates at Worcester State University are eligible to audit undergraduate courses. Also ineligible to audit courses are Consortium, CAPS, dual enrollment, and foreign exchange students.

The audit option must be declared at the time of pre-registration or registration. Students cannot switch to credit-bearing status or from credit-bearing to audit status after registration. Audited courses do not count toward load for any purposes (e.g., financial aid, veterans benefits, etc.) The audit will be permanently recorded on the student’s transcript.

Pass/Fail: Students may elect up to two courses per semester on a pass/fail basis. Foundation courses and courses within major(s) and minor(s) disciplines may not be taken pass/fail, even when not applied to specific degree requirements. Students must notify the Registrar’s Office at least four weeks prior to the last scheduled day of classes if they intend to take a course on a pass/fail basis. Similarly, students deciding to change from pass/fail status to standard grading must notify the Registrar’s Office by the same deadline, four weeks before the final day of classes. Once a student decides to change from pass/fail status to standard grading, it is not reversible; the letter grade stands. No more than fifteen (15) hours may be taken on a pass/fail basis. No more than two courses in any given semester may be taken pass/fail.

Independent Study: A matriculated student desiring to conduct an independent study must select an instructor and prepare a written contract containing the content and credit hours of the study. The approved contract should be submitted to the discipline during

the pre-registration advising period but no later than the first week of the add-drop period. One to six hours of credit may be granted for one semester of independent study. No more than 12 credits in independent study may be granted toward the baccalaureate degree. In no event may the total number of credit hours earned in independent study at Worcester State University exceed 10% of the credit hours counted toward a Worcester State University degree. The student must provide a copy of the approved contract to the department chair, major advisor, the instructor and the Registrar’s Office no later than the last day of the add-drop period.

Incomplete Grades: When circumstances (e.g.: illness) prevent a student from completing a course on time the student is responsible for requesting an incomplete. The professor may grant an incomplete provided the student had completed a substantial portion of the course requirements. The student must make arrangements with the professor to complete the course within six weeks of the beginning of the next semester. The academic calendar indicates the deadline for resolving incompletes from the previous term. If the requirements are not met within the appropriate period, the incomplete will automatically become an “E,” and so recorded on the student’s permanent record.

An extension of an incomplete for one semester may be granted if circumstances still prevent the student from completing the course. In such cases, the student is responsible for obtaining the approval of the professor who must notify the Registrar in writing of his/her approval prior to the end of the initial six (6) week period. With regard to the extension of an incomplete grade, the required course work must be completed by the student prior to the beginning of the final examination period of the semester immediately following the one in which the incomplete was originally issued. The instructor will then have five working days within which to submit a final grade to the Registrar.

Change of Grade: Once a grade has been posted to a student’s transcript that grade may be changed if, and only if, an error has been made in the calculation or transcription of the original grade. Under no circumstances will a change in grade for a student be allowed because of the submission of additional work after the course has ended. No grade change may be made after the conclusion of the semester following the semester in which the grade was originally submitted.

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