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Undergraduate Biotechnology Courses


BT110 Introduction to Concepts of Biotechnology
LASC—Natural Systems and Processes
The uses of Biotechnology. The scientific, economic, social, ethical, and political impact of Biotechnology.
Offered every 2 years. 3 credits.

BT 210 Introduction to Forensics
LASC—Natural Systems and Processes
Prerequisite: Complete one quantitative reasoning course
Survey of forensic case studies and the laboratory techniques used to solve crimes including microscopy,chromatography, entomology, botany, ballistics and DNA electrophoresis.
Offered every 3 years. 4 credits.

BT 375 Tissue Culture
Prerequisite: CH 120, CH 121
A review of the methods of animal and plant tissue culture. Media preparation, aseptic techniques and cell culture technology. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week.
Offered every year. 4 credits.

BT 376 Biotechnology
Prerequisite: CH 120, CH 121, BI 201 or BI 141
Principles and applications of recombinant DNA (molecular & microbial aspects). The Biotechnology Industry includingbioreactor manufacturing standards and government rules. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week.
Offered every year. 4 credits.

BT 377 Fermentation Technology
Prerequisites:BI 201 or BI 141, BI 204
Explores the application of biological and engineering principles involved in manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
Offered every 2 years. 4 credits.

BT 378 Bioinformatics
Prerequisites: BI 201 or BI 203 or BI 141Provides an overview of Bioinformatics including database structure, genomics, computational biology and proteomics.Offered every 2 years. 4 credits.

BT 410 Biotechnology Seminar
Prerequisites: Consent of Department up-to-date developments in Biotechnology; preparation and presentation of technical literature. Students will studynew techniques and procedures used by the industry.
Offered every year. 1 credit.

BT 450 Internship in Biotechnology
Prerequisite: Consent of departmentQualified upper-level biotechnology majors can learn experimental techniques by working in a research laboratoryor a professional manufacturing environment.
Offered every year. 3-6 credits.

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