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As director of the Facilities Department at Worcester State University, I would like to welcome you to our campus and our website.  To understand what the Facilities Department does you must first think of our campus as a small city.  In order to be a thriving metropolis a city needs housing, electricity, water, parking, as well as maintenance, tradesmen, snow removal and a myriad of other services.  We are the hub of that operation, servicing the entire campus 24-hours a day. 

This period of time is especially exciting on our campus as we are undergoing major renovations. Our award-winning residence hall, Wasylean Hall, was brought online in fall 2004. The Sullivan Academic Center, completely renovated with multi-media classrooms and full wireless capabilities, re-opened in fall 2005. Our 550-space parking garage, opened in fall 2007. The oldest building on campus, the Administration Building, re-opened in fall 2009.   It features energy-efficient electrical and heating systems and a student-centered mall concept on the first floor.

Sandra Olson
Facilities Department


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