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Facts About the Adult Learner

So how do we define “Adult Learner”?

·         Adult Learners are generally aged 24 or older

But even younger students can be considered , “Adult Learners” when they also share the following:

·         They have delayed enrollment into college

·         They attend part-time

·         They are financially independent of their parents

·         They work full-time while enrolled

·         They have dependents other than a spouse

·         They may be single parents

Statistics About Adult Learners

·         40 percent of the nation’s 16 million college and university students are 25 years of age or older 1

·         Approximately 70% of all adult students are seeking a
degree 2

·         90% of all adult students have access to a computer 2

·         Almost 70% of adult undergraduate learners are registered part-time 2

·         Women comprise approximately 70% of all adult learners 2

·          Almost 80% of all adult learners are employed. 2

1 National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, “Adding It Up” (2007)

2 from Demographics and Projections in Adult Learners in the Academy by Lee Bash (2003)

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