• Aldo V. Garcia Guevara

    Contact Information
    Office Sullivan 327H

    PhD, University of Texas at Austin
    MA, University of Texas at Austin
    BA, University of North Carolina Asheville

  • Courses Taught
    • HI 111, 112, and 113 US History I, II and III
    • HI 205 Native America: Past and Present
    • HI 213 Colonial Latin America
    • HI 214 Modern Latin America
    • HI 233 History of Latin America
    • HI 333 Women in Latin America
    • HI 450/990 Latin America through Film
    Honors and Grants
    My research focuses on dictatorships and popular action in El Salvador in the 20th Century. I have looked at how the Salvadoran military government sought to control its citizens through the courts, police and the media, and how people challenged these institutions in their daily lives. I also look at how states demonize some groups (like criminals and Communists) and praise and support others (like business leaders and pliant peasants). This research has led me to examine other repressive governments in Latin America and throughout the world and the ways that people have challenged them, from armed Revolution to Liberation Theology to peaceful demonstrations. I also look at how individuals’ class, sex, ethnicity, race, gender expression, religious affiliation, etc affect their roles and understandings of these negotiations.

    Dissertation title: "Justice and Social Control in a Military Dictatorship: El Salvador, 1932-1972."