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Educational Outcomes

1.         Students who complete the degree requirements in Biology 
            should have an understanding of the scientific study of
            biology. Skills include:

      • the ability to gather, organize, interpret and
        evaluate scientific data, and
      • an understanding of how to design experiments.


2.          Biology graduates will have a broad knowledge of the
             biological sciences. Key content areas include:

      • cell and molecular biology;
      • characteristics of organisms,
        including human biology;
      • principles of heredity and the evolution of life;
      • the interactions among species within ecosystems.

3.          Students graduating in Biology will be able to think critically
             and apply analytical skills. When studying or reviewing
             scientific experiments or issues, graduating students should
             have the ability to:

      • use reason and logic;
      • analyze pros and cons;
      • evaluate the validity of conclusions.


4.         Students will be skilled in laboratory techniques and
            practices used by professionals in the field, such as:

      • the proper use of tools, equipment and
        materials used in biology;
      • safety procedures in the laboratory.

5.         Graduating students will be able to effectively communicate 
            biological observations. Students should be able to convey 
            scientific information:

      • to both a lay (non-scientific) audience
        and a scientific audience;
      • in both written and oral presentations,
        as well as by using up-to-date
        computer-based presentation tools.


6.         Graduating students will have an awareness of the social 
            implications of biology. Students should

      • understand the effect of human activities 
        on the environment;
      • recognize ethical issues that influence decisions 
        related to biology;
      • be aware of the impact of biology on society
        within an historical and contemporary context.

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