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Biology Department

Student Opportunities

1.         Co-curricular and Non-academic Opportunities:

                           Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society
                           Research seminars
                           Field trips
                           Student research opportunities

2.         Learning and Physical Resources:

            All teaching in the Biology Department, including laboratory,
            is done by faculty. Class sizes are small to facilitate effective 
            interactions with the students. Cooperative research projects 
            are introduced into introductory courses to expose the 
            students to research and interpersonal skills needed by a 
            biologist. These initial experiences are reinforced by research 
            projects in the major core, elective and independent study 
            courses. The students are also introduced to the preparation 
            and writing of a research proposal to inculcate the importance 
            of planning and budget for the success of projects in some 
            upper-level biology electives. Where appropriate, computer 
            based instructions are used to enhance learning (e.g. 
            PowerPoint presentations, computer simulations). Students 
            may choose to participate in an independent research project 
            under the guidance of a faculty member. Furthermore, 
            opportunities exist within the department for work-study 
            students to participate in student laboratory preparation and 

             The laboratories, equipped with recent model teaching 
            instruments, are superb for both traditional and non-traditional 
            small size classes. The following teaching 
            laboratories are located in the Kalyan Ghosh Science 
            and Technology Building:

            Edwin A. Boger Scanning Electron Microscopy Lab

            Faculty Research Laboratory

            Tissue Culture Rooms



            Human Biology

            Botany Laboratory

            Biotechnology Laboratory

            Introductory Biology/Genetics Labs

A greenhouse and preparation rooms are available to support all laboratory classes.

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