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Mission Statement

 “The mission of Business Administration program at Worcester State University is to prepare our students to become effective managers and leaders in business and society. Through teaching and research, we seek to provide these individuals with the full opportunity to discover and develop their skills, talent and interest and embark on a lifetime learning. Our faculty is committed to offering programs responsive to business, society and environmental needs”.




Worcester State University's Department of Business Administration and Economics was established in 1973, in part, to meet the diverse educational needs of Central Massachusetts community residents.  Over time, the department has grown to become the largest on campus.  Currently, there are seventeen full-time faculty members in the department, thirteen in Business Administration and four in Economics.


Graduates of the department can be found working at all levels of the public and private sector predominantly in Worcester County, but increasingly in the rest of Massachusetts, around the United States, and across the globe. In addition to working, many graduates complete additional education at graduate programs throughout the country. 


The Department of Business Administration and Economics contributes to the fulfillment of Worcester State University's mission by offering a program of professional study, based upon a strong liberal arts foundation, which prepares students for entry level positions in their pursuit of managerial, entrepreneurial or administrative careers in today's information age.


Through academic offerings, students of business administration and economics develop critical thinking, conceptual, analytical, interpersonal, technical and communication skills necessary to function effectively in a complex and dynamic business environment impacted by events at the local, regional, national, and global levels.   Inherent in this skill building process is the need to raise the consciousness of all students about what it means to be socially responsible and ethical in business activities.


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