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Learning Outcomes for Bachelor of Science in

Business Administration at WSU

(Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan)

 LEAP ESLOs (Aligned with LASC SLOs):

v Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World

 o   Understand how scholars in various disciplines approach problems and construct knowledge

 o   Understand the roles of Science and technology


v Intellectual and Practical skills

o   Understand and employ quantitative and qualitative reasoning

o   Apply skills in critical thinking

o   Gain insight into personal creative expression

o   Communicate effectively orally and in writing


BA Program Learning Outcomes:    

  1.  Graduates have developed a basic foundation in the key functions of business—accounting, economics, finance, international business, management, management information systems, marketing, operations, and statistics.
  2. Graduate have demonstrated the leadership and business decision-making skills necessary to perform effectively in a professional context. 
  3. Graduates have participated in experiential learning in at least one of the following ways: internships, class projects, simulations, interaction with members of the business community, and/or service leadership.
  4. Graduates will be able to analyze various problems and create realistic solutions , both individually and as part of teams and groups, using artifacts such as problem and case analysis, integrated modules, and consulting opportunities.  
  5. Using appropriate technologies effectively, graduates will be able to communicate effectively their work orally and/or in written format to a diverse audience both internal and external to an organization.


LEAP ESLOs (Aligned with LASC SLOs):

v Personal and Social Responsibilities

    • Become socially responsible agents in the World
    • Appreciate the interrelations among global and cross cultural communities
    • Cultivate a critical understanding of the US experience
    • Become socially responsible agents in the World
    • Develop as healthy individuals- physically, emotionally, socially, ethically, and intellectually.

 BA Program Learning Outcomes:

6.      Graduates have been aware of globalization and its impacts on people, businesses, and the economy. 

7.      Graduates have developed an understanding of team processes and dynamics and collaborative participation in group projects throughout the curriculum. 

8.      Graduates have worked effectively in teams demonstrating leadership skills, social, collaborative, and interpersonal skills necessary for future professional growth and development.  

9.      Graduates have developed an ethical perspective in legal business practices within domestic and global business environment and are exposed to values issues and application of values to business professions.


LEAP ESLOs (Aligned with LASC SLOs):

v Integrative and Applied Learning.

    • Make connections across courses and disciplines


BA Program Learning Outcomes:

____________None Identified yet!!__________

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