• Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership

    The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership program at Worcester State University further develops your expertise in school leadership and administration and prepares you for the unique challenges of being an administrator in Massachusetts’ public schools. Our convenient program is designed for working professionals who have earned a master’s degree in education or a related field and have an initial administrator license.

    In both in-person and online classes taught by current and recent school administrators, you’ll gain valuable insight into an administrator’s role in today’s diverse public schools, and you’ll also make important connections with other school leaders. What’s more, you’ll engage in problem-based learning activities that allow you to learn by doing—and help you to realize the importance of teamwork in a school setting. In fact, your studies culminate in a team action research project, for which you’ll collaborate with your WSU peers and present your findings to your colleagues and WSU faculty.

    Graduates of our CAGS program are well-prepared to be highly effective school leaders. While many find great success as administrators in schools across the state, others go on to pursue rewarding careers as adjunct professors in education at colleges and universities.

  • Admission Requirements

    In addition to the general admission requirements, candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

    • Earned Master of Education or master’s in a related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0
    • Possession of an initial license in school administration
    • Completion of a 1-year induction program with a mentor
    Program of Study

    Foundation Courses (15 credits)
    Three credit hours may be in foundations relevant to initial licensure.

    • ED 987 Social, political and cultural issues in education (3 credits)
    • ED 988 Brain Based Learning (3 credits)
    • ED 989 Technology and educational leadership (3 credits)
    • EA 939 Action Research Project I (3 credits)
    • EA 940 Action Research Project II (3 credits)

    Core Courses (8 credits)

    • *EA 931 Administration of Programs for Children with Special Needs (3 credits)
    • *NM 954 Ethics, Professionalism, and Leadership or BA 962 Ethics and Social Responsibility of Leadership (3 credits)
      • Prerequisite: completion of 12 hours of foundation
    • *EA 941 Research Forum (2 credits)
      • Prerequisites: completion of 27 hours in the program

    Elective Courses (9 credits)

    Students may select 9 credit hours from the list below, with the permission of the program coordinator: 

    • EA 927 School Plant and Development (3 credits)
    • ED 925 Communication and Interpersonal Skills or BA 972 Motivation and Leadership Teams (3 credits)
    • NM 950 Unions and the Public Sector or EA 933 Collective Bargaining Strategies (3 credits)
    • NM 951 Effective Grant Proposals and Fund Raising Strategies (3 credits)
    • BA 961 Organizational Development and Change or EA 942 Systems Analysis and Strategies for Institutional Change (3 credits)
    • NM 940 Leadership Skills and Group Dynamics or BA 960 Leadership Theory and Skills (3 credits)
    • EA 920 School Business Management and Administration (3 credits)
    • ED 965 Principles of Curriculum Development or ED 968 Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)

    Total Requirements: 32 Credits