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About the Center:

Mission Statement


The Center for Community Media’s mission includes:

1) Helping local non-profit organizations and community groups document their philanthropic endeavors via mass media.

2) Facilitating media production workshops that are accessible to Worcester State University’s faculty, students, and the community of Worcester at-large.

3) Vesting students, faculty, and staff with a critical understanding of intercultural communication and media literacy.

Community Outreach

In the spirit of community outreach, Worcester State University’s Center for Community Media continues to partner with local, non-profit organizations with the distinct goal of helping them document and publicize their community-oriented missions through mass media production.

Continuing Scholarship/Professional Development

The Center for Community Media facilitates media production tutorials for the campus community as well as the Worcester community at-large. Tutorials pertaining to audio/video production, podcasting, web streaming, social media, advertising, public relations, and media research are among the events hosted by our center during Worcester State University’s academic calendar year.

Intercultural Communication & Media Literacy

Through the Center for Community Media, students seeking to contribute to the betterment of society have an opportunity to become actively involved in the social and democratic processes of community-building by working with non-profit organizations that advocate for culturally diverse [and often underserved] groups within the Worcester community. It is within the center’s mission to facilitate media literacy presentations/workshops pertaining to current issues within the mass media industries. The expressed purpose of such presentations/workshops is to advocate for the analyses and deconstruction of industry practices and subtextual messages.



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