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Commuter Services

Commuter Services is committed to helping full and part-time commuter students have a successful experience at Worcester State University.
It can help you find answers to questions and guide you to find further information on anything about WSU. 


The Office offers you a variety of programs, many of which occur during the day to accommodate those with varying schedules and commitments.  If you would like to suggest a specific program or obtain information about upcoming commuter programs, feel free to contact the Office.


In addition, the staff is also dedicated to assisting students and serves as an advocate for commuter concerns.  Students are welcome to contact the Office to express concern about as concerns, such as parking. The Office will work in conjunction with the Commuter Advisory Board to support commuter students in address such concerns.   Even though you live off campus you should still fee connected to the College, informed about upcoming activities and events, and supported by faculty and staff.   


Location:                      2nd floor, Living Room of the Student Center

Office Hours:                8:45am-5:00pm

Contact Info:                 508-929-8672


-   Off-Campus Housing / Roomate List

-       RideShare





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