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The chemistry program provides education and training in chemistry to students who wish to pursue careers in chemistry, the health fields, environmental science, or science teaching.

Chemistry is considered the central science because it is required for a full understanding of many other sciences as well as medicine. The Chemistry Department offers courses for general education as well as majors in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, nursing and health sciences. As well as chemistry major and minor programs, the department also offers concentrations in nuclear medicine technology, biochemistry, environmental chemistry and bioinformatics. Majors in chemistry may also be eligible for the Accelerated Pharmacy Program with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The department has a chapter of the Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Honor Society in chemistry. The department also offers opportunities for undergraduate research in organic chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, nanoscience and molecular modeling. The Chemistry Department promotes green chemistry in its curriculum and research.

The chemistry department has established certain educational outcomes as part of the ongoing assessment initiative. These are:
1. Students will be well prepared for careers in chemistry, jobs requiring knowledge of chemistry, graduate school and post baccalaureate professional programs.
2. Students will acquire a broad knowledge of fundamental concepts of chemistry including structure, properties and reactions of chemical compounds.
3. Students will be able to communicate scientific findings effectively.
In addition, each professor decides on the education outcomes for his/her individual courses.  These are made available to students through the syllabus for the course.


WSU Chemistry Alumni wins outstanding researcher award at USC Attachment
by Dilip, Meghna
 9/28/2011 5:46 PM
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