Worcester State University
Chemistry Department

Faculty and Staff

Department Chairperson


Margaret E. Kerr, Professor

B.S., University of Maine; Ph.D., Wesleyan University
Office: ST-410A

Phone: 508-929-8723

Email: mkerr@worcester.edu

Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics



Jeremy R. Andreatta, Assistant Professor

B.S., Tarleton State University;  Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Office: ST-410Q

Phone: 508-929-8719

Email: jandreatta@worcester.edu

Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Catalysis


Meghna Dilip, Assistant Professor

B.Sc.,  University of Madras, India; MSc. (Environmental Science), Anna University, India; Ph.D., The University of Alabama
Office: ST 410E 

Phone: 508-929-8691

Email: mdilip@worcester.edu
Specialization:  Green and Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Separations, Ionic Liquids


Anne Falke, Professor

B.A., University of Rhode Island; Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
Office: ST-410G

Phone: 508-929-8722

Email: afalke@worcester.edu

Specialization: Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Education 


Eihab Jaber, Associate Professor

B.A., Hunter College of CUNY; M.A., Ph.D., Stony Brook University of SUNY
Office: ST-410B

Phone: 508-929-8714

Email: ejaber@worcester.edu

Specialization: Physical Chemistry, Materials Science, Nanotechnology

Susan M. Mitroka, Assistant Professor

B.A., Rutgers University; Ph.D., Virginia Tech
Office: ST-410Q

Phone: 508-929-8628

Email: smitroka@worcester.edu

Specialization: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry,  Bio-organic Chemistry

Kathleen C. Murphy, Assistant Professor
B..S., College of William and Mary; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Office: ST-410 P
Phone: 508-929-8470
Specialization: Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Analysis


Jeffry C. Nichols, Associate Professor

B.S., Texas Tech University; Ph.D., Rice University
Office: ST-410C

Phone: 508-929-8465

Email: jnichols@worcester.edu

Specialization: Biochemistry, Chemical Kinetics 

Joseph Quattrucci,  Assistant Professor

B.A, University of Southern Maine; Ph.D.,University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Office: ST-410 F

Phone: 508-929-8000

Email: jquattrucci@worcester.edu

Specialization: Physical Chemistry, Surface Science 





Leslie Aroian, Secretary

Office: ST-410

Phone: 508-929-8583

Email: laroian@worcester.edu


Samuel Conduah , Chemistry Lab Technician

Office: ST-410R

Phone: 508-929-8597



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