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Attendance Policy

Graduate students are expected to attend all classes. Because each graduate class is held for one 3-hour period per week, each absence greatly affects students’ ability to acquire information necessary both for passing the course and becoming a competent entry-level clinician. In addition, a course grade can be affected by any absence. Make-up tests will be administered only in the event of a documented illness. Note that some quizzes and assignments cannot be made up due to the nature of the course/assignment/quiz. In addition, some courses require class participation as part of the grade so that any absence will affect that aspect of the final grade. Note that excessive absences can result in a failing grade.


The clinical experience entails a professional commitment. Graduate student clinicians are required to attend all scheduled sessions with their clients. Student clinicians are allowed two excused absences for documented illness and/or personal emergency. Additional absences can result in a failing grade. Please see the Clinic Manual for further details.

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