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What are Audiologists?


Audiologists are experts in the non-medical management of the
auditory and balance systems. They specialize in:

Normal and impaired hearing


•     Prevention of hearing loss


•     Identification and assessment of hearing and balance problems


•     Rehabilitation of persons with hearing and balance disorders


In addition, audiologists may:


•     Prepare future professionals in colleges and universities


•     Manage agencies, clinics, or private practices


•     Engage in research to enhance knowledge about normal 
 hearing, and the evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders


•     Designs hearing instruments and testing equipment


•     Develop new methods and products to evaluate and treat
 speech-language disorders


Work sites include:


•     Public and private schools


•     Hospitals


•     Rehabilitation Centers


•     Residential health care facilities


•     Community Clinics


•     Colleges and Universities


•     Private Practice Offices


•     Health Departments


The median salary range for an ASHA-certified audiologist in 2004
ranged from $45,000-$78,000, depending on educational background,
specialty and experience, along with geographical location and type
of setting in which they work.

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