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Online Reservation Requests

Currently our online reservation system is only available to on-campus clients. 

To Create an Event, please copy and past the below link into either a Firefox browser or a Google Chrome browser


The system does not work well with Internet Explorer.  Please refrain from using that browser when logging into the system.

Steps to Change the Layout of a Space in Live 25

1. Log on to 25Live with your username and password.

2. Click the Event Creation and Editing tab.

3. Complete all required fields and name your event.

4. On the Locations editor, choose a space that has more than one layout. Most multipurpose spaces on campus do.

5. Save your event.

6. On the summary screen that appears (which should have the message "Your event has been successfully saved!" at the top), click the Edit link.

7. Click the Locations tab for your event. Assuming the space was assigned (that is, you have sufficient security and assignment policy rights to assign it), the layout selection option is available for selection. You may now choose a layout and save.

On Campus Clients

As a member of the WSU community please follow the link above to request space or resources on campus.  Please be aware that requests submitted through this site are requests.  They are not reservations and do not count as confirmed space until space has been assigned which you can check the progress of online.  There may be instances where space appears to be available but is in fact not. You will receive an e-mail or a phone call in these situations either from the Director or the Reservationist explaining the situation. We will in all cases make every attempt to find space on campus appropriate to your event and on your preferred dates.  

Off Campus Clients

To ensure the best customer service we would like to speak with you directly regarding your event.  Please call or e-mail us at your convenience and we will be more than happy to discuss how your event can be a success at Worcester State University 

Some important items to note while utilizing the online
reservation system are:

  • Policies and Procedures: All clients are subject to the policies and procedures set forth by the Conferencing Office. To review the polices and procedures, click here.
  • Access from Home: If you are a WSU employee and would like to access the online system from
    off-campus you have to download a VPN on your
    home computer.
  • Cancelling and Editing your Event:  Please log onto Live 25, open your event, click on the edit event button at this junction you can cancel your event, change the date/time edit the location or update your resource requirements.
  • Seating Arrangements: Please refer to page 19 [pdf] of the policies, the set-up types are listed with a brief description.  If you are unsure what set-up type would be most appropriate for your event, please feel free to give us a call and we will discuss your event needs with you.
  • Please request space based on the start and end time of your event.  We will build in pre and post times, if there are  extenuating circumstances regarding your event please contact us directly.
  •  Please provide the correct title of the event; this will make locating your event easier for both the Conferencing Office and the campus community as they are attempting to either help direct your guests or are participating in your event/ conference.
  • Space is at a premium, it is important to only make those reservations you are certain you will be using. 


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