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Alpha Phi Sigma
National Criminal Justice Honor Society
Lambda Rho Chapter
Worcester State University

Alpha Phi Sigma Mission Statement

The mission of Alpha Phi Sigma is to promote critical thinking, rigorous scholarship and life-long learning, to keep abreast of the advances in scientific research, to elevate the ethical standards of the criminal justice profession and to sustain in the public mind the benefit and necessity of education and professional training.

            Purpose of Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society

·        To promote academic excellence through the recognition of    

·        To assist in the development of professional and personal
            leadership among students and practitioners.

·        To provide opportunities for community and professional service.

·        To encourage greater communication among member chapters
            and the entire criminal justice profession.


Academy of Criminal Justice Science Affiliation

Since 1976, the Academy of Criminal Justice Science (ACJS) recognized Alpha Phi Sigma as the Criminal Justice Honor Society. Since 1978, Alpha Phi Sigma has held its national conference in conjunction with the annual ACJS meeting. The Academy's continued support of Alpha Phi Sigma serves to enhance The Society’s purpose - the recognition of scholarly achievement in the field of criminal justice. Next year’s meeting, held in March 2011, will be in Toronto, Canada.


The official publication of Alpha Phi Sigma is The Docket. It is published three times a year, and is a general-interest publication containing scholarly/creative works of students, faculty and the events of the national and chapter groups. Chapters are encouraged to use The Docket to promote their activities and events.

Professional Members

The chapter may recommend anyone working in a field related to Criminal Justice as a professional member, provided they have worked in the field for at least two years, and hold a degree in Criminal Justice or related field and had a GPA of 3.2.  

2012 Inductees 

Spencer O’Dwyer

Shayna Monroe

Ashley Lantini

Joshua Demers

Philip Mullin

Sarah Martino

Elizabeth Raymond

Michael Ragno

Nathan Cathline

Adrian Robles

Daniel Williams

Gina Tambolleo

  2011 Honor Society Members

Tina Brideau                             Adam Hiatt

Samantha Celko                       Kristopher LaCroix

Ryan Clark                               Samuel Loretta

Steven Delage                           Shannon Mayhew

Frank Deluca                             Rachel Mickens

Christopher Miller                       Rebecca Mullen

Alyssa Eveland                          Matthew Place

Taylor Fritschy                           Stephanie Smith           

Andrew Frigon                            Brian Socia                  

Carl Herrera                                Gilbert Ynastroza

2010 Charter Member Inductees

            Elizabeth Bitar                             Damaris Diaz

            Ashley Bornstein                         Catherine Ellis

            Michael Deveau                           Michael Galante

            Scott Ellis                                   Kendra Kellett

            Matthew Fallon                            Robert Lemire

            Nathan Hawkins                          Erica Lyman

            Emily Lanier                               Matt McCusker

            Katie Palmieri                            Stella Moraitis

            Allyson Pereira                          Chelsea O’Gara

            Bruce Cardinal                           Chris Resteghini

            Daniel D’Amico                          Christopher Takacs

Sandra Dias                               Luis Torres

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