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The Division of Graduate and Continuing Education offers several certificate programs and workshops for those wishing to learn new skills or to update their professional training or for life-enrichment.


Many people are finding certificate programs an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their skills or change careers. Certificates are a means to a practical end offering skills-based training that can help you to get your foot in the door. Credit-bearing certificates can often be applied towards an undergraduate degree at a later date and non-credit certificates can help to fill in gaps in your resume. Worcester State University’s Continuing Education offers both credit-bearing and non-credit certificate programs.


Certificates Programs (Credit-bearing)

Accounting Certificate
The Accounting Certificate is designed for adults who are contemplating a career change or who wish to upgrade their business skills. The program is appropriate for those who hold a degree in a non-accounting field or by those who do not hold a university degree, but who are working in the accounting field. The certificate is earned through the successful completion of nine courses (27 credits).  It is possible to transfer in as many as 9 credits from previous university-level work.

Required Courses
            BA 200      Principles of Management and Organizational 

            BA 210      Fundamentals of Accounting I
            BA 220      Fundamentals of Accounting II
            BA 316      Financial Management
            BA 370      Intermediate Accounting I
            BA 371      Intermediate Accounting II
            BA 372      Advanced Accounting I
            BA 374      Cost Accounting
            BA 376      Auditing

Optional Courses
BA 320      Business Law I
            BA 445      Advanced Applications in Computerized
                             Financial Reporting

For more information and an application form call (508) 929-8127
or contact Dr. Bobbi Kyle at rkyle@worcester.edu.


PreMed / PreDental Certificate
The Program recognizes the individual needs of students. Each post-baccalaureate candidate has his/her own academic history. The Program recognizes these individual differences. Each participant’s academic history is evaluated and appropriate courses are selected in consultation with the Chair of the Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental Advisory Committee based upon the participant's specific needs. Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental students have access to WSU’s Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental Advisory Committee including its advisory service and its recommendation letter process.

Click here for more information

or contact Carol Neylon at cneylon@worcester.edu or Margaret Kerr at MKerr@worcester.edu.



Certificates Programs (Non-Credit)


Worcester State University works with several well-respected organizations to provide online non-credit certificates in a variety of areas including:

            •   Healthcare and Fitness
            •   Business, Management and Professional training
            •   IT, Software Development and Instruction
            •   Media and Design
            •   Medical Coding and Transcription
Hospitality and Gaming
            •   Skilled Trades and Industrial


Listed here is a sampling of the current online certificates we offer.  Tuition for these certificate programs depending largely on the length of training.  For a complete listing you can click on the buttons to the right.

            Certificate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
            Certificate in Gerontology
            Certificate in Spirituality, Health and Healing
            Certificate in Technical Writing
            Dental Office Professional Certificate
            Paralegal Preparation
            Principles of Home Inspection: 100 Hour Professional 
            Travel Agent Certificate Program

Workshops to be announced.

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