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    Stacey DeBoise Luster, Esq

    Stacey DeBoise Luster, Esq

    General Counsel
    Assistant to the President
    Employment and Equal Opportunity
    Administration Building, A-335

    Read more about Stacey and the role of the Office of the General Council.

    Maria Isabel Gariepy

    Maria Isabel Gariepy

    Executive Director of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
    Chief Diversity & Equity Officer
    Administration Building, A-335

    The Executive Director serves as the University Equal Opportunity Officer (also referred to as the “EO Officer”) and oversees compliance with the Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan, as well as the state and federal non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws. Anyone with questions, concerns, or complaints regarding discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or retaliation may contact the EO Officer.

    The EO Officer is responsible for the continuous examination and monitoring of affirmative action and equal opportunity policies, procedures and practices for the purpose of determining the degree to which the University’s workforce reflects the demographics of the Commonwealth’s labor market. When such review reveals areas of deficiency or shortcomings, the University will make reasonable and good faith efforts, consistent with requirements of the law, to address and improve such deficiencies or shortcomings. The University will aim to increase the representation of qualified women, veterans, persons with disabilities and minorities in their workforces.

    Led by the EO Officer, Worcester State University shall determine and implement the projects, programs, defined strategies, structured activities or other tactical steps to achieve the equal opportunity, diversity, affirmative action and non-discrimination goals of our campus. A progress review will take place on an annual basis to ensure compliance with the Plan and its equal opportunity, diversity, affirmative action and non-discrimination goals.

    Finally, the EO Officer monitors the employment policies of the University with respect to the areas of recruitment and appointment to vacant positions to assure compliance. The areas to be monitored include pre-recruitment procedures, recruitment, selection, appointments, amongst others.

    Glenda Rodriguez

    Currently Vacacnt

    Executive Assistant to the Office of General Counsel and Equal Opportunity
    Administration Building, A-335

    The Executive Assistant to the Office of General Counsel and Equal Opportunity provides administrative support to the Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity. They work in close collaboration with campus partners and outside agencies to ensure the mission of the offices is accomplished.

    Other Offices

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    Human Resources

    The Human Resources Office at Worcester State provides resources that equip and empower our faculty, staff, student workers, and part-time employees to do and be their best to fulfill the University’s mission. We support a collaborative work environment based on mutual respect and accountability to foster commitment, teamwork, and excellence University-wide.

    The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity works in collaboration with Human Resources to ensure compliance with the Plan and that all hiring and recruiting processes are equitable across campus.