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Learning Disabilities

Documentation Guidelines for Learning Disabilities

A current psycho-educational evaluation (within the last 3 years) completed by a qualified professional is required.   It must report all subtest scores, standard scores and percentile ranks and include the following components: 

·         Diagnostic Interview:  relevant information pertaining to the student’s academic, developmental, medical, psychological, and family history or background and a description of the presenting concern(s)

·         Cognitive testing: a complete intellectual assessment with the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale or equivalent standardized tool

·         Academic Achievement testing:  a comprehensive battery to record current levels of academic functioning and fluency in relevant areas such as reading (decoding and comprehension), mathematics (calculation and applications), and oral and written language

·         Information Processing measures: assessment of short and long-term memory, sequential memory, auditory and visual perception/processing, processing speed, executive functioning and motor ability

·         Specific Diagnoses and Clinical Summary:  A learning disability diagnosis with evidence of a substantial limitation to learning and a rationale for accommodations based upon substantial limitation

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