Worcester State University
Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity


Policy Against Age Discrimination*

In recognition of the problems which exist in society today because of age discrimination, and in accordance with federal and state law, Worcester State University reaffirms its commitment to prohibit discrimination based on age at all levels in the campus community.


This policy specifically prohibits the use of age as a factor, where prohibited by law, in decisions affecting the employment or educational status of a member of the University community or an applicant for admission or employment.


Some examples of age discrimination which are specifically prohibited by this policy are listed below. This list, however, is illustrative and not exhaustive.


·         Stereotyping older persons in such a way as to treat or
cause others to treat them differently from younger persons.

·         Structuring jobs or creating functional job titles which imply
that they are jobs for younger persons (i.e. Jr. Accountant, etc.).

·         Excluding persons over the age of forty from a category of
jobs or from certain departments or divisions based on their
age rather than on their ability to perform the job.

·         Advising students of similar interests differently because of their age.

·         Singling out or ignoring a group of students or employees because of their age.

·         Harassing or abusing, or causing others to harass or abuse,
a person or group of persons because of their age where
such harassment or abuse constitutes harassment because
of personal vilification.

·         Failing or refusing to hire or promote a person because of age.


In keeping with these policies and regulations, Worcester State University reaffirms its commitment and support of equal opportunity. The entire college community will commit itself to building an atmosphere which is conducive to meaningful learning and working for all students and staff.

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