Worcester State University
Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity


Policy Against Racism

Worcester State University hereby prohibits all forms of discrimination based on race,

color, religion, and national or ethnic origin within the college community. The policy proscribes all conditions and all actions or omissions including all acts of harassment by personal vilification, which deny or have the effect of denying to anyone his/her rights to equality and security on the basis of his/her race, color, ethnicity, culture or religion. The policy reaffirms the values of civility, appreciation

for racial/ethnic/cultural/religious pluralism and the pre-eminence of individual human dignity as preconditions to the achievement of an academic community which recognizes and utilizes the resources of all persons.


Worcester State University will vigorously strive to achieve diversity in race, ethnicity, culture and religion sufficiently reflective of our society to give our students an appreciation of and the ability to relate in our increasingly global and diverse world. Discrimination based on race, color, religion and ethnic or national origin in any form, individual or institutional, constitutes an egregious offense against the tenets of human dignity and the accords of civility espoused by the college. Such discrimination undermines the establishment of an academic and social environment of genuine cultural, racial, ethnic and religious pluralism.


Worcester State University bears a responsibility by law and an obligation by social morality to eradicate racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination as we strive to promote an atmosphere of acceptance with dignity for all individuals and groups within our college community. Worcester State University is committed to establishing and maintaining a system of learning which genuinely appreciates the social and academic value of a pluralistic educational community and fervently combats all behavior which constitutes illegal discrimination. A violation of this policy can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion.

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