• Douglas E. Kowalewski 

    Contact Information
    Office: ST-310 Q
    Phone: 508-929-8646
    Ph.D., Boston University
    B.S., Virginia Tech
    Douglas Kowalewski Portrait

    Teaching Interests
    Kowalewski emphasizes applying the scientific method in his intro and upper level classes where he introduces students to fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and computational modeling for understanding earth’s major systems and the dynamic interactions between the solid earth, the frozen earth, the atmosphere, and anthropogenic forcing. Kowalewski currently teaches the following courses: Physical Geography, Global Warming and Energy Resources, Geomorphology, Climate Change in Earth’s History, Hydrogeology, Introduction to Soil Science, and Modeling in the Geosciences.

    Doug Kowalewski launched a program in 2005 entitled “AntarcticKids” that introduces young students to Antarctica through participating (remotely) in field research and conducting experiments with exciting discoveries. The program incorporates the scientific method, highlighting data collection, synthesis, and interpretation. The students “take part” in Antarctic research (as least through satellite phone conversations with researchers in the field and direct email communication), and ask hypothesis to be tested. The program strives to complement class curriculum and comply with State requirements while enhancing hands-on learning. Please contact Doug to learn more about this interactive science program for your K-12 classroom.

    For videos Kowalewski created while he was in Antarctica, please visit the Ice Stories Web Page