• Earth, Environment, and Physics Research

    At Worcester State University, we understand that the best learning includes doing. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to hone your scientific skills and techniques by working on faculty-led undergraduate research on topics like global climate change, sustainability, and other local and global environmental issues. Collaborating with your professors will reinforce classroom and laboratory learning and expose you to best research practices. We recognize these remarkable student-faculty collaborations at our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. Recent student abstracts include:

    • Characterizing and mapping Antarctic’s Microclimatic Zones as a Function of Elevation and Aspect
    • Comparative Limnology of Lakes Spanning he Boreal Forest-Tundra Transition Zone, Labrador Canada
    • Land Use as a Tool for Identifying Water Quality in Massachusetts Wetlands
    • Effect of Climate on Water Storage in Western Massachusetts Reservoirs Using a Structured Spatial Geodatabase
    • A Paleolimnologic Perspective on Water Quality Degradation: Hadley, MA
    • Recent Changes in Sub-glacial Discharge Characteristics of the Kongsvegen-Kronebreen Glacial Complex, Svalbard, Norway
    • Women of Liberia: Public Perception versus Personal Experience
    • New England Trending Toward Climate of Intensified Precipitation Events