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Dr. Raynold Lewis, Associate Dean of Education

Welcome to Worcester State University’s Education Programs. We are very pleased that you are a part of, or are interested in, our programs and are eager to supply you with direction and information about the various activities, requirements and possibilities as an Education student here at Worcester State University.

The Education Department has a long and rich history in Central Massachusetts. Founded as the fifth state-funded normal school in Massachusetts in September of 1874, it was a direct product of mid-19th Century pressure for a free and universal public school education. This mission allowed for several education benchmarks. E.H. Russell and G. Stanley Hall, later president of Clark University, were pioneers of the child-study movement in the United States. Between 1880 and 1895, Professor Russell led the college undergraduate to develop a collection of 16,000 observations of children. These began being published in 1891 and served as the basis for study and research throughout the world. E. Harlow Russell worked closely with the Worcester Public Schools to implement a student teaching apprenticeship beginning in 1880. This was highly unusual at that time, when on-campus models were the norm. To this day, Worcester State continues with its goal to provide “authentic student teaching experiences” in the Worcester Public Schools and schools in the surrounding towns. At this same time, there were two areas of study - early childhood and elementary education. By 1895 there were a total of 625 graduates of the State Normal School at Worcester, which comprised two-thirds of the teaching force in Worcester. Graduates of programs were teachers in 21 states, throughout Europe and in Australia. Independent evaluators found Worcester graduates to be very well prepared and so they were quickly placed in teaching positions. Some things have not changed.

Our faculty is among the finest in the country. Please take a minute to view our faculty website where you will learn about them. They have specialties which mirror the programs that we teach and provide students with rich and diverse experiences. We have wonderful staff and support personnel and a Licensure Officer who assists students in navigating Licensure and DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) issues. This office is also responsible for placement of student teaching practicum.

Today we have well over twenty programs from Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary Education to a wide range of specialties such as Educational Leadership, Reading, Special Education and School Psychologists. We at WSU are very proud of our programs, students, faculty, staff and alumni and hope you will consider us when seeking a career in the field of Education. You will be following in the footsteps and tradition of some of the finest educators in the field.

Dr. Raynold Lewis

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