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Goals of the Department

The Education Department at Worcester State University is committed to preparing prospective teachers:

  • who possess deep understanding of their subject matter and demonstrate competence teaching at the level of their license;
  • who have knowledge of pedagogy and are able to integrate content and pedagogy for effective classroom teaching;
  • who have knowledge of curriculum and are skilled at using it to inform their classroom teaching;
  • as caring individuals who see students in classrooms as unique individuals and are able to meet the needs of diverse learners in their classrooms;
  • as problem problem-solvers and critical thinkers, who utilize new technologies in their teaching practice;
  • with the capability to evaluate effective teaching practices, reflect on their own teaching/learning experiences, and promote their on-going professional development;
  • who see themselves as more than just workers in a school, but individuals with moral and ethical values who can make a difference in the classroom and the community;
  • and who use their professional knowledge and skills to advocate for their profession, for students and their families.
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