• Payroll

    The Payroll Office at Worcester State University is responsible for processing all employee payrolls in a timely, accurate, and professional manner while complying with federal and state laws and regulations, University policies, and collective bargaining agreements. We also maintain the related attendance and employee records according to prescribed guidelines.

    We process 4 different payrolls using the state's Human Resources/Compensation Management System. All employees, including students in the Federal College Work-Study Program, are paid bi-weekly. Adjunct faculty (day, evening, and summer) are paid 8 times during each semester. Summer adjunct faculty are paid once at the end of each session.

    Initiating Payroll
    It is important to note that no WSU employee will be processed on any payroll without appropriate authorization and a record of attendance. Please select the category below that fits your circumstances to find out how to initiate your pay: