Worcester State University
First Year Seminar


Instructions for First-Year Students 

This program's three different components--a first year seminar, an English composition course, and an X hour--must all be  part of your schedule. 

These three components are all linked together and must all fit into your schedule.

• Please click on the course descriptions for more information about the First-Year Seminars.
• Next click on the First-Year Seminar Spreadsheet for scheduling information purposes.
• Finally submit the below registration request form with your top five choices.

Choose your selection carefully based on your interests. We cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice due to complex scheduling of major and general education courses, but you are very likely to get one of your top five choices.

DISCLAIMER: Note that the First-Year Seminar spreadsheet is updated only periodically with changes to the schedule. WebAdvisor remains the most reliable scheduling tool.

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