Campus Renewal

  • Facilities

    The Worcester State University Facilities Department's team of engineers, project managers, safety and environmental specialists, skilled craftspeople, groundskeepers, and custodial service staff is committed to providing an attractive, functional, and healthy campus for our students, employees, and visitors 24 hours a day.

    When it comes to WSU’s buildings, we not only represent WSU in the planning and construction processes, but also are responsible for their daily operations. Our maintainers and trades personnel are a constant presence in our buildings, ensuring that they are clean and systems are working properly. WSU’s Sustainability Office is part of our team, guiding our efforts to transform WSU into a greener campus and build and operate energy-efficient buildings.

    You’ll find us around the Worcester State campus mowing the lawns in the spring, summer, and fall, and covering walkways and stairs with sand and salt during the winter. A key responsibility in the winter is, of course, removing snow from roadways and parking lots in a timely manner so that classes can resume as quickly as possible, and students and employees can move around the campus safely.