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What is the Parents & Family Association

The Worcester State University Parents & Family Association is made up of parents, guardians and family members of students enrolled at Worcester State University. A small committee made up of parents and family members of current students leads this Association. The purpose is to assist and benefit parents and guardians through the transitional experiences related to their student beginning college – and throughout their stay here. It will also provide a line of communication and resources that will allow you to stay informed and involved with the university. You will also be able to promote and provide support for Worcester State University's programs and activities.    

Benefits of being a member of the Family Association

Benefits manifest themselves in many ways. There will be a direct link between the Parents & Family Association, faculty and staff of the university. You will be able to share experiences and gain access to many of the campus resources. More importantly, by being involved, you will gain the friendship of other family members who share the same experiences as yourself. You will be receiving the university publications and e-newsletters keeping you in touch with what’s happening at Worcester State University.  
Welcome to Worcester State University Family

Welcome to the Worcester State University Family!  As your student has chosen to become involved in college life at Worcester State, in many ways so have you. This is a tremendous time of growth for your student and for you.  Families play one of the most crucial roles in a student’s success. By being involved in the Worcester State University Community, it will not only benefit your student, but will provide you with the knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime. The goal of the Parents & Family Association is to support the students’ families through this time of transition.  Our aim is to support you in making this transition as enjoyable and rewarding as possible

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