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Welcome to the portal for Federal Work Study

The information on this page is for recipients of the Federal Work Study Program only.  If you are unsure if you  are a recipient of Work Study please check with the Financial Aid Office.

The Federal Work Study Program for this year begins immediately and ends on Saturday, May 17, 2014. 

Getting a job

Nearly every department has an opportunity. Consider being a reading or math tutor in the America Reads/America Counts program or working in one of our other Community Service positions. We do not assign jobs but allow you to seek out one that fits your personality and schedule the best.

Directory of all jobs on campus

Step 1:  Bring to the Financial Aid Office:

1.       A completed W-4 (click here)[all new and returning students]

2.       A completed I-9 (click here) [all new students]

3.       Appropriate identification for I-9 (Example: 1 picture ID and either a Social Security Card or Birth Certificate {Originals must be submitted for review. Copies are not acceptable.}) [all new students]

4.       A completed Direct Deposit form (click here) [all new and returning students if not already on file with Payroll]

Step 2:  You will then be given an Employer Action Form.  Complete Sections 2 and 3, including getting your supervisor to sign it.

Step 3:   Bring completed Employer Action Form (all copies) back to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

Step 4:   The Payroll and Human Resources Office will complete processing and send you a copy of your processed Employer Action Form via your email address.  The supervisor who signed your Employer Action Form will also receive a copy via email

Step 5:   Please do not begin working until you and your department have received your copies of the Employer Action Form.

You cannot begin working until all the appropriate paperwork has been processed and you and your department have received your copies of the Employer Action Form.  All completed paperwork must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for approval by

2:00 pm on Friday, February 21, 2014

 If your paperwork is incomplete or submitted for approval after this deadline your Federal Work Study will be cancelled and you will be unable to be employed on campus through the Federal Work Study program for any part of this academic year. 


The Financial Aid Office   
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