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Graduate Education with a Concentration in English Courses 

English Courses (Graduate)

EN 900 History and Structure of the English Language
The phonology, syntax, and lexicon of English from its proto-Indo-European origins to its contemporary dialects.
3 credits.

EN 902 Approaches to the Literary Experience
An introduction to practical criticism which applies a broad spectrum of critical approaches to a selected group of literary examples.
3 credits.

EN 905 Modern Rhetorical Theory
Examines history of and recent developments in modern rhetorical theory and composition studies.
3 credits.

EN 910 Literature of the English Renaissance
Advanced examination of Tudor and Jacobean literature, emphasizing More, Wyatt, Surrey, Sidney, Spenser, Marlowe, Nashe, Shakespeare, Donne, and Jonson.
3 credits.

EN 912 Shakespeare
This course will examine various aspects of Shakespeare’s plays and poems.
3 credits.

EN 925 Eighteenth-Century Novel
Explores the origins of the novel genre.
3 credits.

EN 931 Nineteenth-Century Novel
Explores British prose fiction of the nineteenth century.
3 credits.

EN 934 The Romantics and the Victorians: 1798-1901
An historical and critical survey of the prose and poetry of the nineteenth century including Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Tennyson, Arnold and Browning.
3 credits.

EN 935 Modern Drama
A survey of British, American, Irish, and continental drama from Ibsen through O’Neill.
3 credits.

EN 941 Modern Poetry
A study of the major figures who shaped American and British poetry between 1910 and 1950.
3 credits.

EN 942 Three Modern Poets
Illustrates how modern poetry differs from that of earlier periods through study of W.B. Yeats, Wallace Stevens, and T.S. Eliot.
3 credits.

EN 945 Contemporary Poetry
Concentrates on poets whose major work was written after World War II.
3 credits.

EN 950 The Romantic Flowering in American Literature
The development of Romantic idealism in the origins of American fiction and poetry.
3 credits.

EN 952 Realism and Naturalism
Realism as practiced by Twain and clarified by Howells, following the transition of realism to naturalism under Norris and Dreiser.
3 credits.

EN 955 American Novel I
The development of the American novel from Charles Brockden Brown through Melville and Hawthorne.
3 credits.

EN 957 American Novel II
The development of the American novel from naturalism and realism to the latest fiction of the twentieth century.
3 credits.

EN 958 Women in American Literature
An advanced study of works by and about women in American literature, including Rowson, Foster, and Brown.
3 credits.

EN 995 Seminar
An exploration of the works of one or two major authors in depth.
3 credits.

EN 998 Special Topics
An exploration and consideration of a theme or topic of mutual interest to instructor and students.
3 credits.

EN 999 Thesis Research & Writing
Guided work relating to the student’s thesis.
3 credits

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