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Graduate Education with a Concentration in Health Education Courses

Health Sciences Courses (Graduate)

HE 917 Health Theory and Methods
Focus is on creative applications of learning theories and behavioral models used by health educators.
3 credits.

HE 918 Curriculum Development in Health
Exploration of curriculum models and their integration with philosophies of health behavior and education.
3 credits.

HE 919 Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
This course is designed to help students understand and develop skills necessary to carry out program development regardless of setting.
3 credits.

HE 922 Health Care Systems
A study of historical development of the American health care system and recent trends in organization, administration, and legislation.
3 credits.

HE 924 Education for Wellness
Utilizes concepts of physical, mental, social, psychological, environmental, and spiritual wellness to enhance health education programming.
3 credits.

HE 925 Politics and Policies of Health Care
Health care regulation and cost by government including the transition from private and professional to federal and state control.
3 credits.

HE 930 Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
The pharmacological, physiological and social effects of various drugs in our society.
3 credits.

HE 932 Advanced Nutrition
Study of recent advances and trends in the relationship of diet and nutrition.
3 credits.

HE 934 Social and Behavioral Statistics
Qualitative and quantitative data collection; hypothesis testing; measures of central tendency, variability, correlation and regression.
3 credits.

HE 935 Sexuality Education
Historical, political, multicultural and personal approaches to understanding various aspects of human sexuality.
3 credits.

HE 937 Women and Minority Health Issues
An examination of the effects of sexism and racism on the health and health care of women and minorities.
3 credits.

HE 940 Epidemiology
Evaluation of epidemiological principles and techniques of investigation; measures of incidence and prevalence applied to health risk, morbidity and mortality in specific populations.
3 credits.

HE 942 Research Methods in Health
An introduction to research and statistical designs as directly related to health science and allied health disciplines.
3 credits.

HE 943 Current Literature in Health
Critical analysis of current and past research findings concerning health knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and educational techniques.
3 credits.

HE 944 Special Topics in Health
An in-depth exploration of contemporary health topics and issues.
3 credits.

HE 945 Seminar in Health
Discussion of current health topics with an emphasis on health educators’ key responsibilities and competencies in various settings; also preparation of CHES.
3 credits.

HE 950 Independent Study in Health
Independent research project.
3 credits

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