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Master of Education with a concentration in History

Program Coordinator: Dr. Charlotte Haller
Phone: 508-929-8046

Admission Requirements:
General admission requirements for graduate study located at together with 18 credits in undergraduate history including the following courses or their equivalents:

HI 103 & HI 104             World Civilization I and II

HI 111 & HI 112             US History I and II

There are two different tracks for Master of Arts in History, the exam track and the thesis track.

Requirements of TRACK 1 (Portfolio):


I.    Foundation courses

                  HI 910 The Study and Writing of History:

II.  History Elective courses  
US History Electives:                                    

European History Electives:                                      

Non-US/non-European History Electives:

III. Additional Electives

            An additional 3 credits must be completed in History 
                  or another area.

      Each candidate must also successfully complete a  
      comprehensive portfolio in History.

Total credits: 33

Requirements of TRACK 2 (Thesis):


I.  Foundation courses
 H I 910        The Study and Writing of History:  

 H I 995        Thesis Option:

II. History Elective courses

       U.S. or World History graduate courses:

       III. Additional Electives

                   Students must also complete 6 credits of electives in History
                   or another area.

Total Credits: 33

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